Corporate Travel Management

Business travels are of utmost importance for all companies and it costs time and money when they are not managed well. That's why we offer a solution that is designed to meet your requirements and provide significant cost savings.

Bizitravel mobil uygulamalar ile seyahatlerinizi her yerden yönetin

What Is Corporate Travel Management?

Like pretty much every inner working of a company, travels and all related sub-processes must be managed throughly to reduce costs and get more ROI from business travels. If not equipped with a special software system, companies cannot automate their travel related activities, which results in shortcomings in understanding and reporting of the data.

Save More Time

A streamlined planning, approval, purchase, expense and risk management process will increase the overall effectiveness of your business trips. Every business needs a culture of continuous improvement in order to avoid inefficiencies and all of these can only be possible if your actions are backed by data.

Cost And Expenditure Management

Bizitravel has a number of tools that help you identify your corporate travel and expense policies for your business trips. This way, your company can easily track and manage expenditures.

Save Your Money

Thanks to the Bizitravel smart ticketing approach, you will not miss the best rates and you can easily analyze how much you save. Companies can generate reports showing the cost savings and missed opportunities to re-iterate and optimize their travel policies.

Flight and Hotel Reservation

Bizitravel, which will help you make the most suitable plane and hotel reservations for you, is supported by industry leader Amadeus in hotel and flight reservations. Thanks to the content provided by Amadeus (airplane and hotel) and Amadeus Contentinn (hotels), you will be able to book more than 300,000 hotels worldwide quickly and easily.

Bizitravel mobil uygulamalar ile seyahatlerinizi her yerden yönetin

How does it work?


Add Your Company Easily

Being a member of Bizitravel is extremely simple. You can add your employees from the profile management page or from the mass transfer files to the system. You can make the Bizitravel ready for use by saving the travel settings for your company.


Control Your Expenditures

Thanks to Bizitravelebilirs real-time travel policy management and validation mechanism, you can control your expenses, easily enter and track extra expenses during the journey with the Bizitravel cost module.


Save Time

Your employees will be able to make their travels faster and easier thanks to Bizitravel. This means saving time for your company. Thanks to the uninterrupted online system, you can also make reservation and ticketing out of office hours.




When you purchase your airline tickets, you can negotiate both through distributors and direct links and access list prices. Create and save your company travel policy.



Choose from over 34 suppliers and over 300,000 hotels all over the world. Make your search by address, neighborhood, city, city or POI or combine it with your flight.


Bizihotels Offline

Download your company's corporate prices and plan your stays from the screens you always use. Your travel rules, check flows and reports run smoothly.



Set your expense rules and approval process as desired. Let your employees take photos of their expenses and process their expense reports.

Manage your travels from anywhere with Bizitravel mobile apps



Get complete information about your expenses, track indicators and trends, and ensure your business with system reports.



Simplify business travel planning, approval processes, cost entry for your employees, and check your travel expenses.