Bizitravel Seyahat Avantajları


Bizitravel offers you various advantages for firms, travel agencies and company employees.

Bizitravel - firmalar için avantajlar


Advantages for Companies

  • Employees save time with self-planning and ticketing.
  • The company can use corporate negotiated prices.
  • Reduces costs thanks to travel policies and reporting.
  • Simplifies and accelerates the approval flow.
  • A single platform serves the whole organization.
  • Cost centers can be associated with the travels for reporting.
  • You can trace your employees' location for duty of care.
  • 24/7 availability makes ticketing easy.
  • Reduces paper use, minimizes e-mail and phone communications.
  • Ensures that various units and departments (purchasing, travel managers, staff) have access to the corporate travels.
Bizitravel Seyahat Avantajları
Bizitravel - seyahat acenteleri için avantajlar


Benefits for Company Employees

  • Improves communication and approval processes between units and makes them much faster.
  • It provides continuous ticketing via mobile application and web interface.
  • Makes it much easier to plan business trips within the company policies.
  • Simplifies the post-travel reporting processes and saves a lot of time.
Bizitravel - seyahat acenteleri için avantajlar
Bizitravel Seyahat Avantajları
Bizitravel - firma çalışanları için avantajlar


Advantages for Travel Agencies

  • It provides the travel agency with a competitive advantage by offering the technology which requires high investment and maintanence costs at an affordable price.
  • Offers a new generation product that is available on web and mobile.
  • Increases the efficiency and lets the agency serves more customers without increasing the operation team.
  • Increases the loyalty of the customers.
  • Bizitravel simplifies and accelerates the approval mechanism.
  • Allows 24/7 ticketing.
  • Companies can use the discounted negotiated prices of the travel agencies.

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